Availability for small standard chocolate/lavender puppies and mini reds and apricots!

South Texas Labradoodles

Authentic Australian Labradoodles in Texas

South Texas Labradoodles is family owned and is dedicated to breeding Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodles whose lines originate in Australia. Our first litter is here. We are fascinated with our beautiful puppies!! Whether you are looking for your first or your third Australian Labradoodle, this is a very exciting time for you and your family!

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    What is an Australian Labradoodle?

    An exceptional dog breed
    Labradoodles For Sale In Texas

    Australian Labradoodles are an exceptional dog breed that have resulted by combining two of the most friendly, child-loving, intelligent breeds available. The Standard Poodle and the Labrador are both known to be wonderful companions and great athletes. By combining these two breeds, the Australian Labradoodle resulted in a hypo-allergenic dog breed that also possesses exceptional intelligence and a fantastic ability to show love and loyalty to their owners.

    In learning about multi generational Australian Labradoodles, one must understand that they do indeed come in different variations due to the level at which the dogs have been bred, meaning some breeders take a Poodle and breed it to a Lab. In consequence, it creates an original Labradoodle line. These dogs are referred to as F1 Labradoodles or F1B Labradoodles. A F1 Labradoodle is a 50% Lab and 50% Poodle, while an F1B Labradoodle is generally more Poodle, 75% Poodle and 25% Lab, helping with the shedding and allergy issues.

    Multi-generational Labradoodles are those who have been bred with several generations of Australian bred Labradoodles in their bloodlines. The multi-gen Labradoodles have a more consistent coat and overall appearance due to the several generations of Australian Labradoodles behind them. Labradoodles were originally bred in Australia with the intent of providing assistance dogs for people with disabilities and allergies. In addition to accomplishing these goals, these two breeds also created a single breed that has a heart and soul like no other dog we have ever known. From the moment we have held each of our muli-genegational Australian Labradoodles, we have known that they are special dogs and dogs that will forever bring happiness and companionship to their owners.

    South Texas Labradoodles uses only the best for our sweet puppies. We raise puppies using methods developed by Puppy Culture. We use OFA, Evet and Paw Prints for genetic testing screening.


    Meet Our Sire and Dams


    South Texas Gigi Sol aka Sol

    Gigi Sol AKA Sol ALAA 086758 Weight 34 pounds Coat: curly fleece

    Texas Labradoodles Sunny Sky Smiles AKA Chikis

    ALAA_087588 Weight 25 pounds Coat: Curly Fleece Sunny Sky Smiles AKA Chikis

    South Texas Buttercup AKA Misha

    South Texas Buttercup, the sweetest girl ever, she can lay on your lap forever… More About South Texas Buttercup

    Texas Labradoodles Xocolatl Sol Aka Noodles

    Texas Labradoodles Xocolatl-Sol, loves to socialize and be around children, adults and dogs. More About Xocolatl-Sol

    Our Goal

    Our Labradoodles live in our home as our family pets. Our dogs, spend their days playing in our yard, socializing with dogs and people, and growing up to be healthy, well cared for family companions.
    • Breed for the best in temperament, health and lavish coats.
    • We specialize in standard size dogs (40-60 pounds).
    • The precious puppies that will be raised here will be part of our family . . . until they go home to yours!

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