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How We Started

South Texas Labradoodles was founded in 2016 in Brownsville, TX. We will only breed multi-generational Australian Labradoodles. This means that our dogs have several generations of the Australian bred Labradoodles in their bloodlines. Additionally, our dogs qualify to be certified to meet the ALAA silver paw health requirements.

​We are grateful to Mardee Calkins of Texas Labradoodles for our beautiful dog April and Butch Charlton, of DownUnder Labradoodles for working with us in getting Maximilion Sol. 

There is availability, currently interviewing and taking reservations for this litter!

Sire: Maximilion-Sol
Dam: April
​This litter was born May 11-12, 2018

Who We Are

About Us

Breeder’s Word

We are working diligently in providing our families with the heathiest puppies, lavish coats, and best temperament. Our dogs have met OFFA (eye, hip and elbows certifications). Additionally, we have also met genetic health requirements.

Ana Reyes, Breeder

Meet Our Sire and Dams

Maximilion Sol | April Reyes | South Texas Buttercup | Xocolatl-Sol


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